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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  September 6, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> hermine keeps churning off the coast. its lingering impact on the bay state, and the big weather change on the way. >> breaking overnight, a state police cruiser hit on a highway. the move before a driver was taken into custody. >> a new poll on one key characteristic. the problem area for tuesday morning. >> we are holiday season is weakening and moving west, but we're seeing a bit of rain this morning from other effects, as well. good morning and thank you for joining us. i'm randy price. >> and i'm emily riemer along with cindy fitzgibbon. so today is a day for the umbrella. >> yeah, back to work and
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kind of gray. i want to show you a city cam right now. >> oh, yeah. >> kind of gives you an indication that that is boston. can you tell? yeah, no, not really. we have got mist and drizzle, so it's producing visibility with the fog. five miles in town but worcester, three miles up on the north shore so nothing nice to start at the bus stop with the areas of mist and fog. lower 60s now, low 70s thi seeing a few gusts at 20 miles per hour, and the winds will gust between 20 and 30 miles per hour. not nearly as strong as yesterday. still, though, associated with hermine, which is spinning 100 miles to the south, and the storm is weakening but it is tracking westward, and that's going to carry the core of the strongest winds towards the coast of connecticut and long island today. but you can see the bands of light moisture, still spinning around with areas of mist and drizzle. 60 degrees in worcester.
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you are stepping out, so we're in the 60s this morning. coming up into the low 70s by lunchtime, and holding there into the early afternoon with pockets of mist and drizzle at times. we get towards late afternoon, and we may see the skies try to brighten with the least a few breaks. notice the surf is still kicked up, talking about waves of two to five feet at the beaches but higher waves off-shore. we want to get you out to standing by in new bedford, how are we looking down there, doug? doug: not too bad compared to yesterday. we're outside of fort robman, but you can see the skies and the bands from hermine. we experienced sprinkles moments ago but not too bad compared to yesterday. the departure of hermine being felt here, but conditions were rough enough to close the beaches, and suspend ferry
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authority even canceling service. today all ferry service for the vineyard and nantucket, they are going to operate on a trip by trip basis. the coast guard by the way, they are urging boaters to use extreme caution. >> we're not sure what conditions we're going to see, maybe worse than right now, but definitely if you don't have to go out, don't go out. it's the safest way. >> well, the coast guard is also asking boat owners to m secure and also make sure you label those kayaks and personal watercraft with your name and phone number in case that they break free. they certainly don't want to come across one of the boats out here and wonder whether or not there is somebody that might be missing. we're live in new bedford, doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. >> ok, thank you. right now hermine is being blamed for making this fire more difficult to tackle. firefighters called last night
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narragansett belongs to the late pawtucket red sox owner james skeffington. crews helped to fight the fire, and no one was hurt. you can track hermine even when you are away from the tv with our app. you will find cindy's forecast, as well as the latest information on any storm. >> back to work and school and now the holiday weekend is over. let's get a check of the roads and the rails. olessa has that. olessa: i am seeing some of those delays, tnk expressway, here's a check by the gas tank. the northbound side heading to the stop of the screen. let's check out the travel times. 24 is slow out of brockton and route 3 from weymouth, your ride on the expressway, a half-hour from braintree to boston. the pike looks ok. 15 to 20, 495 to 128, and 93 south, delays out of methuen, and as you travel towards the lever connector. trains and buses running on schedule. >> breaking overnight a driver is in custody after this crash.
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cruiser on 93 south near exit 18 in dorchester. the crash happening at 1:00 this morning. nobody seriously hurt. the driver was given a sobriety test and then taken into custody. and right now both sides of a controversial police body camera program in the city of boston are getting ready for arguments ahead of a hearing today. >> the eyeopener's john atwater is live with a preview of what could be a tense court hearing. john? >> that pilot supposed to start last week but the union filed a temporary injunction to block it, so that has led to some delays. the program was supposed to be voluntary. the patrolman's union reached an agreement in july but no officers signed up, so commission bill evans assigned the cameras. it calls for 100 officers from different districts to wear the cameras for six months. that was supposed to start september 2 but the date has now been pushed to september 12. the officers would get $500 for
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the commissioner could also be called to testify at this hearing, and this hearing could potentially last two days. john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. >> thank you, and right now boston police are looking for the suspect in a sexual attack. police say that this happened around 4:00 in the morning yesterday morning. the greenway in boston. police say that the victim was walking towards the carousal there when she was attacked she says by a man. she did not know the suspect ran off after the a framingham state university came police officer is going to be before a judge later today. wilter dormevil is charged with committing a lewd act on campus. fsu's command staff was notified about the incident over the weekend. he is on leave, banned from the campus. he's been suspended from his job as a revere auxiliary police officer. >> commitment 2016, a new poll showing hillary clinton is not doing much to prove her trustworthiness with voters. the eyeopener's erika tarantal
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clinton and trump. >> both hillary clinton and donald trump will be on the campaign trail today. clinton has an afternoon event in florida. trump will be in virginia. and he will head to north carolina for an evening rally. and new this morning, yes, evidence clinton is not making much progress in gaining the trust of voters. a new franklin pierce boston herald show showing clinton has a 3% lead over trump. the numbers are unchanged when the same question was months ago. clinton allowing reporters on her new plane. the secretary of state answering their questions and talking to reporters on his plane, trump criticized the move. >> everything i did at the state department i did in furtherance of america's interest and our security. the state department said that there is no evidence of in i kind of external influence, and
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three weeks away, trump insisted yesterday he would be at all three scheduled debates after rumors circulated he was planning to skip one. >> thank you. and abc's davidman uir sat down with both clinton and trump, and you will see those interviews at 7:00 right after the eyeopener. conservative activist phyllis schafly has passed away. the outspoken woman who amendment in the 1970s died at the age of the 92. she rose to fame with her self published manifesto for the far right called a choice, not an echo. >> witnesses tracked a woman down from a hit and run incident. mary elliott was arrested after the crash on taunton avenue in see ifs konk, they say she hit a jogger and kept on going, two prups followed her for a mile
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>> they were very upset because they saw the whole thing, and they chased her down and boxed her right in. the guy said she ain't going anywhere. she's going to hit my truck, she's going to hit it. >> the victim is identified as a man in his 50s, treated for a serious injury. >> a massachusetts lawmaker says it's time to revisit ride sharing schools, senator linda dorcena-forr why this -- she's disturbed by this, she backed an unsuccessful effort to fingerprint drivers. the department of transportation holding its first of seven hearings on open tolling. the new electronic system is set to launch october 28 on the mass pike. technology used to collect data on easy pass responders and license plates, but privacy advocates have voiced concern about the information collected through the system, and the
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the meeting starts at 6:30 at union station in worcester. >> americans are saving money at the grocery store. not on everything. the items with the deepest discounts right now, and a group caught passing eve a natural landmark, the bizarre reason they gave. >> travel planning made easy. the app using text messages to plan your next vacation. >> and breaking overnight, a driver is in custody after rear-ending a state police south in dorchester. luckily no one was seriously hurt. cindy. >> we are still tracking hermine. still spinning to the south right now. it is moving towards the west and weakening. the time line on what to expect and when the heat and humidity returns ahead. first take a look here. still some lingering showers spinning around out there this morning. so grab an umbrella. 60 degrees in worcester right
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four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few.
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>> good morning eyeopener, happy birthday party. we're learning a lot. >> very good morning to the kids at mission grammar school in roxbury. a lot of spirit on this first day. >> looking good so we would love
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get everybody together, your classmates, record a wakeup call right on your phone. it's easy, and upload it to ulocal using our wcvb newscenter 5. >> maybe do it inside today. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> i mean, yesterday the winds were whipping up. took all day for some rain to get in here, and then it is lingering this morning. >> oh, yeah. >> lingering. >> right. >> this is what it looks like outside. very light, we have drizzle and mist, and very light showers across the area. some fog, as well, but this midnight, under a tenth of an ch overall, but that's about the extent of it here, as we have got wind gusts as you can see up over 20 miles per hour. and i am very tall. i will step out and see if i can get shorter. see what's happening here, but you can see the winds are kicking up right now, and not nearly as strong as they were yesterday. when we had gusts close to 60 miles per hour in nantucket, and there we go, not as tall right now, and anchor town had gusts at 50 miles per hour, and rockport, brookline, gusts over
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which yesterday had winds of 70 miles per hour, and now it has winds of 65 miles per hour, but it's to our south and kind of shifting westward and will weaken as the winds step down, but notice this is still kind of hanging around into tomorrow, as well, and a little further to the south and west, but it's really going to be wednesday night and thursday, before it really dissipates and kicks out of here. lingering impacts. and we're getting the strongest winds closer to the center from brock island and the coast of connecticut back towards long island but we're talkingut hour at times throughout the day today. and could be some gusts closer to 30 miles per hour. there will be a few showers, some drizzle at times, but rough surf or rip current risk, that is going to be the big issue today, and a lot of you are probably venturing into the water but if you are, at the beaches, two to five foot seas and the rip current risk will remain high. the waves sitting off the shore. we can see the bands of showers, break in the action on south shore, more in boston through
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where we have the fog, visability, 2.5 miles under a couple of miles up on the north shore, and low 60s for many of us as you are heading out the door although closer to 70 degrees on the cape. and this storm is a good 100 miles south of our area but it is spinning back a lot of clouds, and so we're locked in tight with the cloud cover today. and there may be some breaks by mid to late afternoon, but it's not going to rain all day long. have the wet weather gear with you. some mist and drizzle, and low to mid 70s and with the wind blowing it will feel cooler, so you are going to see widespread rain but periodic showers and light rain and drizzle at times, and this goes right through tonight, and still tomorrow morning when you are waking up, and unfortunately more of the same. hermine will be hanging around through tomorrow, and eventually the showers wind down, and we're in the upper 70s tomorrow, and then just like that with hermine out of here we're bringing back warmer temperatures, lots of humidity, and by friday we are playing a run up to 90 degrees. very humid so feeling like summertime and looking like we're in the 80s this weekend.
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with drizzle and fog. we need the wipers this morning. >> it's not the most pleasant driving conditions. a live look at the expressway. here's a look at the gas tank. a slow ride, normal this time of the morning. stop and go, as well, let's get to the maps and check out the rest of your ride as you head south side. 24, slow out of brockton, also route 3 from weymouth into braintree, and 25 minutes on the expressway, from there into boston, and the pike, 20 to 25, and 495 to 128, and 93 south, stop and go ride for you out of methuen down into andover and then picking up that volume in wilmington, a slow ride down to the spot pond, trains and buses are running on schedule. >> do you have something that's been bothering you about your commute or something that you want to know about your traffic? you can go ahead and ask olessa on facebook, twitter, or email us at we'll get answers for you and answer them here on the eyeopener. >> 17 after 6:00, a natural landmark in oregon has been destroyed by vandals, and this morning the group that did this could be facing criminal charges.
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seconds here. and was witnessed by a couple of people who recorded what happened and confronted the group. they say the group told them that they were getting revenge because a friend had broken their leg on that rock. >> necessity told me that it was a safety hazard, and that they did like the world or oregon like a favor that they knocked it down. >> state police in oregon are morning, american shoppers are enjoying the longest streak of falling food prices in 50 years. that's because the nation's food supplies have been steadily growing. the average price of a dozen eggs has dropped nearly 40% to $1.57, and a gallon of milk is about 40 cents cheaper along with ground beef, down 50 cents. not everything is cheaper. prices for fruits and vegetables have increased over the last year due to a drought in
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overnight and quiet trading because u.s. markets were closed for labor day. right now stock futures are higher and investors are awaiting the consumer spending report due out today. and new this morning do you love travel but hate the planning? there is a new boston-based app that could be your answer. lola travel combines texting, travel agents and artificial intelligence for a trip that is uniquely you. >> travel made easy through messaging, that's the promise from l travel agent in real time, someone who will research, plan, and even book that trip for you. >> when you are doing something like this, you would type this in and probably just put it down and walk away. >> totally, yeah. >> lola co-founder paul english, the man who also co-founded popular travel site kayak, says that the app freeze you up to do other things, you started by texting what kind of trip you are looking for with as many details as you would like. usually within minutes, you will get a response from one of 15
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their suggestions tailored to you coming from artificial intelligence or a.i. en and accomplish -- and english says the more you use it, the better you get. >> we can pick the three most exciting hotels for you that are within the budget you want to spend. >> right now it is only available for iphone and only in the u.s. it's also free at the moment but there is a wait list to join. the app also acts when you can't so if you have a agents will work to rebook you before you even know that anything happened, so convenient. it does open to the general public later this fall but they will start charging something then. and they are not giving out the details on that yet. >> and they will know you better than you know yourself. >> event essentially. >> right. >> you will like there. >> and texting is so easy we all do it, you know. >> tomorrow morning on the eye living small. no matter how confined your space is we have expert ways to
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>> and a baby with more cord -- coordination with some adults and a burger with as much flair as flavor. >> that's ahead in eyepoppers. >> and new at 6:30 the president of the philippines making new comments after insulting president barack obama. his new statements after using some choice words. also more than young minds growing at a connecticut daycare. what police found, and we are live in new bedford as hermine weakens. th s we'll still see effects into
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>> hey, welcome back to the eyeopener, there is a tracker that i couldn't go off but we have showers, and i will just cover it up, scattered about the area this morning, and there is a closer look at the radar showing the light rain, and the areas of mist and drizzle, and have anum yelle bird -- have an umbrella with you. there might be a few breaks in
6:25 am
all of this courtesy of hermine hanging around, so breezy, still some showers around tomorrow, but they will be ending. and we snap out of it on thursday. it's warmer and more humid. we're back into the mid 80s. >> all right. thank you. the red sox cannot get it done against the padres. scoreless when the padres knock in two runs. chris young gets the sox on the board, with this shot in the eighth but that would do it for them. 2-1 the final, first pitch >> it is 6:25, and time for the eyepoppers. erika has a psychedelic tribute that's fitting. >> it is certainly a world of pure imagination at a restaurant in sidney, australia, they created this rainbow burger to honor late actor gene wilder. it includes everything from the colorful bun to a special wonka sauce, inspired by willy wonka and the chocolate factory. some burgers come with a golden
6:26 am
>> very colorful. >> yeah. >> who knows. and this is so cute. this is a world record holder. his father says he's the youngest water skier. they took this 30-second video of him water skiing 150 feet in north carolina. that's how far he went. the previous record holder was six months and 27 days old so has him by 17 days >> is he smiling or grimacing? >> he's harnessed in. hopefully dad is within an inch. >> i don't know. >> how about mom? she'd to run alongside him. that's tough. a special reunion between an autistic boy and a college football player who gave him some company. the new surprise from that athlete. and remembering a woman killed in a hit and run. her family's message as the
6:27 am
narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results"
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narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" for kids all across massachusetts. question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. vote yes on 2.
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>> whipping winds, pounding waves. hermine still making its presence felt. >> the domino effect that could lead to more power problems. >> breaking overnight, a cruiser crash lands a driver under arrest.
6:30 am
and run crash, their message to the suspect as he prepares to face a judge. >> 6:30, and we're live here in new bedford this morning along the waterfront as you can see. things that calm you down just a bit, and things brightening up, as well, cindy is tracking the effects, and we'll be feeling it tomorrow with hermine. >> and the highway near boston university this to school, after the long weekend, and good morning, i'm emily riemer. >> i'm randy price, and cindy and olessa. >> a bit of rain out there. >> it's coming down. >> quite a difference in the shots there. >> and we have the drizzle and mist around the city and the south coast there in new bedford, and the skies are cloudy. it is not raining. >> right. >> there could be areas, you can see them there, pockets of very light rain, and some mist and drizzle, and not raining all the time but a good idea of to the wet weather get with you this morning.
6:31 am
and we have fog reducing visibility, 2.5 miles in worcester out to beverly, five miles, in the city, so not incredibly dense, but be careful out there this morning. the kids head back to the bus stop with the areas of fog, some mist and cruise -- drizzle. windy and kind of a coolish feel. low 70s with the gusty winds getting off the bus this afternoon. we're talking about the gusts in the 20s, not the 40s and 50s that we had yesterday. when hermine a powerful storm closer to us, and it is now weakening and moving to the west but close the impacts, so we have got the clouds and the temperature around 60 in worcester, 63 in boston, and we'll hold it in the 60s this morning. low to mid 70s this afternoon with periods of mist and drizzle at times through at least mid afternoon. we can see the late-day breaks but at the beaches today, rough surf, and a rip current risk. we're talking about still seas of two to five feet at the beaches. want to take you there now, down along the south coast and new bedford, looking at a few white caps there off in the distance.
6:32 am
actually took your recommendation and put on the rain here because the wind has really started to crank up, just within the last, oh, 10 to 15 minutes or so, and it's increased by 15 knots anyway. and you know what, the problems exist away from the coast, as well. trees weaken by weeks of the winds. the winds creating a domino-like effect with winds taking down ee the power lines. you have got a big tree over in newton that came crashing down onto a roof. it punched a hole right in through a door, and the inside of these cracked trees are almost completely hollow and rotted. one man says that he heard something hit the house, and he knew it was big. >> it's inside the house, and i heard the noise and the thundering noise, and then the house was shaking. >> no injuries this morning from
6:33 am
neighbors feel lucky, and again to, reiterate what we experienced out here in new bedford over the last 15 minutes or so, the wind has really started to crank up, and we're getting a bit more rain here, as well, so maybe some of those bands are starting to spiral in from off the shore. we're live in new bedford, doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. >> ok doug, thank you. you can track hermine even when you are away from the tv with our app. you will find cindy's forecast there, as well as the latest information on check of the roads. >> thank you. so far the roads are a bit busy. we're watching the volume, not here, this stretch of the pike looks ok, this is a look by beu, but we are watching an eastbound crash where one lane is closed, let's check the travel times as you travel south, 24 slow out of brockton, and 95 from sharon and delays on route 3 as you go northbound from 228 to the braintree split. and from there, it's over a half-hour now, braintree to boston on the expressway, and the pike east, a half-hour, 495
6:34 am
methuen, volume picks up, and it's a stop and go ride all the way down to the lever connector, trains and buses on schedule. >> thank you, and we're following breaking news right now on the eye. >> and erika is tracking the new information as it comes in. >> and matt, breaking news coming from boston, one person is in custody after a cruiser crashed on 93 and dorchester. the driver was given a field sobriety test after rear-ending the police cruiser. luckily no one was seriously hurt. right now boston police are looking for a suspect in a sexual assault on the walking near the carousal right near the hall yesterday morning when she was attacked. and right now this massive fire under investigation in narragansett rhode island. it belongs to the red sox's owner james skeffington, no one was hurt. >> the driver charged in a hit and run is getting ready to face a judge in just a few hours. >> the family of the victim relying on faithing to them through this tragedy. john atwater is live in boston with their message.
6:35 am
grieving but they are very strong, and this morning they are speaking out. now this crash happened over the weekend. johnette sims was killed in a crash last night. anthony buchanan was drunk, and initially took off. he then later turned himself in. now sims was 46 years old, a mother of two, and as you can imagine, her family is devastated. >> we cannot ever get her bac and we are hurting so hard inside. >> it's just no words right now. it's a shock. >> now despite their pain, the sims' family tells us that they do forgive that driver. he faces several charges in front of a judge here later this morning. live in boston this morning, john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. >> thank you. the arson squad is investigating
6:36 am
it appeared to be a homemade device in a beer bottle, similar to a molotav cocktail, police are not sure if the officer's house was targeted. it was discovered yesterday morning, and you can it left a burn mark on the grass. >> right now a suspicious death investigation is underway in new hampshire. danville police say a person was found dead at a caramel drive home on monday night. the attorney general's office says the death is suspicious but gave no further information. state police remained at that scene 6:36. a daycare coverup, what police say they found in connecticut, and the football player behind this kind gesture has another surprise for the boy in the photo. how the experience has changed that boy's life. >> and we're following breaking news this morning in the city of boston. one person in custody after rear-ending a massachusetts state police cruiser on 93 south. no one seriously hurt. and hermine, weakening this
6:37 am
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if that's what you need. because you have enough to worry about. i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business.
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>> a live look outside at pike. this is heading to the to which of the screen, the volume doesn't look too bad but we are
6:40 am
over by the corner where one lane is closed. cindy a bit of rain out there on the cameras. >> really light rain, some patches of mist, drizzle, and fog, too, but a good idea to have wet weather here with you this morning. things are not going to change a lot today. we are going to find a lot of clouds, the temperatures come out of the 60s into the low to mid 70s. but some very light showers, some patchy mist and drizzle. showers lingering but ending and back to sunshine, and back to the summertime temperatures. upper 80s to near 90 here. >> matt schumer recovering after emergency surgery following a hit. he scuferred a skull fracture and internal bleeding when he took a baseball off the head at 105 miles per hour. he was able to walk off the field. the general manager hopes to have him back for next season. nasty there. and florida state football player travis rudolph sharing a special moment with a boy with
6:41 am
>> the wide receiver gave a middle schooler a personalized jersey. >> we want you to know that you will always be a special member of our family. we have got you a jersey. >> wow! >> that's awesome. >> we also got you guys some tickets for the game. >> boy. he's pretty happy about this, mom, too, and they are both going to be at the game tonight, and they will have dinner with the team later this week to first, they first met when rudolph was visit school, and he saw he was eating alone. he asked to sit with him. she says her son hasn't eaten alone since. >> i love that story. >> the drought will have an effect on fall foliage, the changes you will notice. >> and the philippine president has new comments after insulting president barack obama. his statements this morning. plus how many wings could you eat in 12 minutes? yeah. the staggering number just posted by a competitive eater. >> ok. and cindy is, tracking hermine's
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6:44 am
>> good morning, the eyeopener team ready with your news to go. everything wrapped up in 15 minutes, we're in boston, and new bedford, and erika has the new poll on hillary clinton's trust worthiness among voters. >> and take a look at this video here, rough waters off new jersey. this ship sets sail. the anthem of the sea was
6:45 am
passengers, unfortunately, getting seasick. >> right. >> oh, boy. >> right. >> not a great trip there. >> but hermine is weakening. >> it is but we had the strongest winds with hermine yesterday, and we had the gusts over 50 miles per hour. we had a lot of damage, 88 reports across the state, and tree damage from the weakened trees, and you can see the reports yesterday out of nantucket, and gusts to 58 miles per hour over 50 in edgartown, an closer to boston and brookline. the winds gusted over 40, so the strongest winds were yesterday, the damaging winds were yesterday, but it's still windy out there this morning. sustained winds, and we will see higher gusts as hermine sits to our south and continues to weaken here, but it's moving towards the west now. so that may take some of the stronger winds closer to the long island than here across new england. nonetheless, still tomorrow
6:46 am
around. it will be tomorrow night and thursday before it kicks out of our hair so lingering effects today, and wind gusts up over 20 miles per hour, and you can see they are stronger off to the south and west but in addition to those winds, there will be a few showers around and drizzle, and at the beaches, rough surf and still a rip current risk to talk about. and you can see the areas of light rain and drizzle this morning. not raining everywhere but it's cool and damp. 60 in worcester. and high temperatures, stuck in the low to mid 70s today, and the clouds are going to linger ug showers kind of rotating through off and on. and these will continue into tonight. when you are waking up tomorrow morning more of the same. a lot of clouds. can't rule out a spot shower or two. finally on thursday this thing kicks out as the front approaches. the humidity is going to climb. the temperatures are, too. the temperatures are going to be up into the mid 80s here by thursday. want to get you back down to the south coast with a check on the beaches. two to five-foot seas at the beaches today, but off the shore it will be much higher.
6:47 am
>> well, i believe that, cindy because it's really a difference of night and day from when we get down here at 4:30 this morning, and that's not just when it comes to the brightness of the sky. as you can see, the winds have really cranked up down here. the surf is really starting to kick up. but it was even stronger yesterday. a different story, the effects of hermine battered the south coast all day yesterday. the surf up higher. the boats, they had a tough ride at the mooring in many spots. ferry service from the islands from here canceled. the steam ship authority will announce the schedule depending on the conditions today but as you can see from these live pictures in new bedford, the winds back up another 10 to 15. we're steady to at least 20 down here along the shore. we'll keep an eye on things all morning and all afternoon, both here and online and as well as our mobile app. we're live in new bedford this
6:48 am
5. >> a woman is charged with drunk driving. police say that she rear-ended a state police cruiser on interstate 93 south near exit 18 in dorchester. the crash happened around 1:00 in the morning. the trooper taken to tufts medical center and is expected to be ok. let's check the roads and olessa has that. >> so far, it is a quiet start on the roads as far as the accidents go but volume here. the southbound side, you can see the delays in place, the lever connector, and let's get to the maps and check out the rest of your trip. a crash on the pike, and another incident on the shoulder, 93 south at mystic avenue but those delays will take you back into wilmington. and west of town, the pike, about 15 minutes, and 495 to 128, and 24, slow out of brockton and delays on the expressway, and 30 to 35 minutes right now, braintree into boston, and the trains and buses are running on schedule. >> thank you. the boston police body cam program, the subject of special hearing today. >> and the eye's john atwater is
6:49 am
>> body cameras will take center stage later today, this program has run into several delays because the union has questions about the implementation of that program, and the union also filed an injunction to stop t the plan calls for 100 officers from different districts to wear the cameras for six months. now the program did not start september 2 as planned. september 12 is the target date. the officers would each get 500 for taking part in that program. the hea could last two days. we're live in boston this morning, john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. >> commitment 2016 now, new numbers show when it comes to whether voters trust hillary clinton and donald trump not much has changed. a new franklin pierce boston herald poll shows clinton's three points over trump. the numbers just about unchanged from two months ago. mrs. clinton debuts her campaign plane, traveling with reporters
6:50 am
she campaigns in florida today and trump will be in virginia and north carolina, and the first debate just three weeks away and after rumors trump plans to skip one planned debate. he's vowing to participate in all three. emily. >> ok, thanks. david muir sat down with clinton and trump yesterday and you will see the interviews starting this morning at 7:00 a.m. right after the eyeopener. the president of the philippines says he regrets cursing president barack obama. it was an insult to cancel a meeting between the two leaders. president rodrigo duterte says his comments were not meant as a personal attack. he made them monday before flying to laos where he will attend a regional summit. they were scheduled for a private meeting but that has been postponed. >> conservative activist phyllis schlafly has passed away. the woman who helped to defeat the equal rights amendment in the 1970s died at the age of
6:51 am
right, a choice, not an echo. she had been battling cancer. >> boston police are asking for help to track down a suspect wanted for a sexual assault on the greenway, the victim was walking towards the greenway carousal after 4:00 on monday morning when she was attacked and the suspect then ran away. police are investigating an alleged sexual assault in providence. the providence journal reports the victim told police that she went to a nightclub on saturday on a party b f and woke up on sunday naked in the back seat of a car. she says that the man approached the car saying that he had watched her clothes. she used his phone to call home, and allegedly found naked photos of herself unconscious. she reported the incident to police. no word on any charges right now. >> hermine is being blamed for making this firefighting effort much more difficult. the firefighters were called last night to this rhode island home. the ocean front property in
6:52 am
red sox's owner jeff skeffington. firefighters were called to help out and no one was hurt. >> state and local officials are set to make an announcement recording winds. governor baker will join the energy and environmental affairs secretary and the congressman bill keating today in new bedford and talk about a wind research vessel. >> police in connecticut make a marijuana bust at a daycare center. west haven police found 600 marijuana plants growing in the backyard of licensed. they were alerted by the state childcare inspectors, who were denied access because of a tall wooden fence which they were denied in seeing behind. that facility was shut down. >> bill cosby could learn when he will go to trial. he will be back in a philadelphia courtroom today. the 79-year-old is accused of drugging and molesting a woman he mentored at temple university
6:53 am
crosby's lawyers to throw out the case against him. >> general motors is settling two faulty ignition cases. they were settled for undisclosed amounts. the lawsuits claimed injuries caused by accidents linked to faulty ignition switches. the switches could slip from on to off position. three cases have settled before going to trial. >> a study finds standing desks in classrooms may help children manage their weight. researcher studied 300 texas third and fourth graders and standing desks they saw their bmi's fall by 5% compared to other kids. researcher say the desks would help kids maintain a healthy weight without disrupting class time. >> and dry weather could be affecting the fall foliage this year. the leaves could turn brown and fall right away in drought stricken areas, and less dry areas, we'll see red, yellow,
6:54 am
dry conditions could, actually, brighten the leaves on some trees, but in those cases the color doesn't last long. >> the red sox doesn't get it done against the padres out west. scoreless until the fourth inning when they knock in two quick runs. chris young gets the so, on the board with this shot here in the eighth but that would do it for them. 2-1 the final. the first pitch tonight is at 10:10. >> and if you are hungry for breakfast this may curb your appetite. top spot as the best chicken wing eater. he ate 188 wings in 12 minutes. during yesterday's competition, that's nearly 60 wings per minute. chestnut edged out his closest competitor by 11 wings. and walked away with $2,500. >> i don't know that $2,500 is worth it for what they have to do there. >> and the free dinner. >> right. i was thinking he gets 2,500 for
6:55 am
>> sign her up. >> yeah. >> good morning guys. a bit busy on the roads, not the most pleasant driving conditions. 93 southbound side here, you have got the delays. let's get to the maps and check out the rest of the trip. watching a few problem spots and accidents. let's go over to the maps if you are going along 93. a crash here by newton corner. 93 south, a crash at mystic avenue has a lane blocked and they are starting back in wilmington by 125, and north of there, coming out of andover, if you are traveling the to 20 is what we had, and now it's up to 30 minutes. and slow on 24 out of brockton, also on the expressway, over a half-hour. braintree into boston. cindy the storm keeps lingering. cindy: it does and look at the view over boston. tough to see much of anything with the fog, and the mist and the drizzle, and you can see the visibility down to a mile on the north shore in beverly and a mile and a half in lawrence, so not the nicest start on this
6:56 am
which is to the south right now but everything is on the lighter side. 60 in worcester. lower 60s boston, and we have upper 60's on the cape right now, and a touch of humidity. winds out of the northeast at 15 to 20 with higher gusts, and we will only climb into the low to mid 70s with periods of mist and drizzle at times. there might be some peeks of sunshine. winds gusting between 20 and 30 miles per hour today, so not the damaging winds that we had yesterday. hermine spins, about 100 miles to the it is kicking up the surf so two to five foot waves at the beaches. higher off the shore and the rip current risk will be high today. so it's not raining all day long, and notice by lunchtime, a couple of showers around, and that continues tonight and into tomorrow, and there will be some lingering showers tomorrow. the temperatures in the upper 70s tomorrow. the winds step down a bit. finally by thursday we're back to sunshine, and warmer temperatures, mid to upper 80s, and look at that. making a run towards 90 degrees
6:57 am
tomorrow we'll finally say goodbye to hermine but still breezy out there today and have the rain gear with you. >> ok. >> all right. >> thanks for joining us. we hope you have a fantastic day. >> and we'll see you back here
6:58 am
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good morning, america. dead heat. donald trump takes a lead in a new poll this morning as he battles clinton in a fight for ohio. both candidates in cleveland, ramping up their campaigns in the swing state. clinton suffering a coughing fit on the stump. but still taking a swing at trump. >>ry trump i get allergic. >> his campaign immediately hitting back. >> i don't joke. she jokes. look at the deal she's made. >> david muir sits down with both candidates and their running mates right here on -- >> good morning, america. the cdc and pediatricians out with a major headline about flu vaccines and nasal sprays. dr. ashton joins us live. an abc news exclusive. chris brown speaks out this morning about his arrest.


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